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Social Pastoral Members of the Canoas Province, Brazil

Study and go deeper into JPIC


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On May 4th, 2015 the Our Lady of Aparecida Province – Canoas Brazil, realized its third meeting of formation about Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation – JPIC.

Since 2014, the group of Social Pastorals of Our Lady of Aparecida Province has been studying and going deeper into the philosophy of JPIC.

To this meeting, the following speakers were invited:

Mr. Sergio Stringhini – Administrative Supervisor Maintainer, who presented the “Challenges in Building Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation”, sharing with us the Brazilian and worldwide reality, with the limits and possibilities of coping;

Mrs. Iliane Pereira, directress of Saint Julie Residence, who developed with the group the “Presence of the Sisters in the Institutions”, challenging us to re-think the quality of our presence as JPIC animators, where we are inserted;

Social Assistant Neli Iwankotrabalhou,who worked with Legislation and Social Projects, reminding us that all the work we do should be of quality, needs to be within legal frameworks, and reveal our commitment to society;

And, finally, Sr. Giulliane Maria, JPIC coordinator of the Province, who presented the theme: JPIC Formation – advancing in the understanding and formulation of proposals. She resumed what the group has already been studying since 2014, going deeper into some important points for our understanding, and presented some proposals to go forward in the JPIC journey, in the Province, and in preparation for the arrival of Sr. Patricia, responsible for the JPIC of the Congregation.

The meeting served us as a re-affirmation of our commitment to collaborate in the formation of committed people with the Care of Creation, with Social Justice and with Peace, so that we all are JPIC animators as responsible citizens and prophetic Christians.

It is in the creation of an atmosphere of sharing, with open and plural reflections, in the development of leadership, in the participation of rights, and in the struggle for spaces, that we are revealing the Notre Dame way of caring for life that is pulsating in all creation.


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