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Holy Spirit General Delegation
Nairobi, Kenya
Established 2015
Delegation of Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania
In 1992, the Sisters from Our Lady of the Assumption Province, Patna, India, answered the Holy Father’s call to send missionaries to Africa. Three sisters arrived on November 26th and began their missionary activity in Arusha, Tanzania. In July of 1995, the Sisters of Notre Dame from Immaculate Heart of Mary Province, Covington, Kentucky, and Rosa Mystica Province, Thousand Oaks, California, started a mission in Buseesa, Uganda. Vocations were welcomed and our first Sisters from Africa made their 1st Vows in 2005. From the humble beginnings of three sisters in a mission in Tanzania and then four sisters in a mission in Uganda, we have now become a general delegation with sisters from three African countries united as one. We continue to grow as sisters with a strong missionary spirit. Our multi-cultural diversity is evidenced in sisters from various countries and different tribal, cultural and language backgrounds ministering together to people in need.
The Holy Spirit General Delegation was established on May 24, 2015 and has its Delegation Centre in Nairobi, Kenya. In 2017 we celebrated 25 years of our presence in Africa. Multiple ministries give us many opportunities to live out Mission Ad Gentes to reach out to the poor and marginalized.
The Holy Spirit General Delegation celebrates its Patronal Feast on Pentecost.
  • Formation for Religious Life
  • Formation for Religious Life
  • Catechesis and part-time counseling
  • Education: Montessori, Nursery, Primary and Secondary
  • Primary and Secondary Boarding
  • SND Teacher Training
  • Aloysia Home (Girls living in difficult environments)
  • Aloysia Children at Zinduka
  • Vocation Awareness Programmes
  • Social Work and Women’s Empowerment
  • Women’s support group for persons with HIV/AIDS
  • Village nurseries
  • Tailoring and English Classes for girls who dropped out of school
  • Health care of sisters and students
  • Associate Programme in Kenya

Sisters of Notre Dame
P.O. Box 27783
00506 Nyayo Stadium
Nairobi, KENYA
Contact Sister

Contact Sister
Sister Mary Annete, SND
Associate Director in Kenya:
Sister Mary Annete, SND
Vocation Directors:

In Kenya
Sister Mary Irene, SND
In Uganda

Sister Mary Immaculate, SND
In Tanzania

Sister Mary Adelmas, SND



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