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Solidarity Run 2014, Mülhausen, Germany

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On Friday, June 6, 2014, on the occasion of her visitation in Germany, Sister Kristin Battles, Superior General of the Sisters of Notre Dame, visited Haus Salus, the home for our elderly sisters in Mülhausen.

Class 6ae, a class that is studying Latin, and their teacher Mr. Borsch, seized the opportunity to welcome Sister Kristin in Haus Salus together with Mr. Josten and in the presence of the elderly sisters. The children presented 10,000 euros to the Superior General, which are destined for the community of the sisters in Vietnam. There the sisters have started to take care especially of physically and mentally handicapped children who were hardly promoted by their families in past. Because of the great demand, the sisters want to enlarge the premises and the therapeutical facilities, for which they urgently need money.

Before the solidarity run started, Sister Maria Berthilde from Mülhausen, who has worked in South Korea for more than 50 years, and who is currently on her home visit, has informed many classes and courses at our school about the ministries of the sisters in South Korea, China, and Vietnam.

Up to now, the solidarity run has raised the great amount of 21,209.75 euros, thus surpassing by about 1,000 euros the sum total from two years ago. Since this solidarity run traditionally only takes place every second year, the second half of the sponsored sum shall only be used next year for the project with the handicapped children or for another project of the sisters of Notre Dame that urgently needs money. In this way, the school community thanks all the parents of the participating students and all the sponsors for every small and big donation which have contributed to this wonderful sum total.

Beside the material profit of such a solidarity run the pedagogic value must not be underestimated, because all the participants learn to assume responsibility for people living in much worse conditions than we do.

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