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Mission and JPIC Presentations and a Report on the Congregational Fund

October 4, 2016                                  PDF Download

161004_1_sreeja_missionreport_03-ccSister Mary Sreeja, the Congregation Mission Coordinator, gave the mission report. The report included a review of the mandates of the 2010 Chapter and the general government’s response.  During the past six years Sister has spent approximately 50% of her time visiting and working with our sisters in the missions.  Sister reviewed with the Chapter delegates the Mission Policy Book that was published in 2012 and introduced two mission programs that will be initiated in 2017.

161004_2_shauna_jpicreport_01-ccSister Mary Shauna, the Assistant General responsible for the JPIC initiatives, reported on the general government’s implementation of the 2010 Chapter mandate to appoint a JPIC Coordinator and establish a JPIC office in Rome.  Sister Maria Nonata, from the Passo Fundo Province, was introduced as the new Congregational JPIC Coordinator.  Following the presentation, the Chapter delegates discussed ways the Coordinator can be of service to the units and assist in moving the JPIC agenda forward.

161004_3_sndcongfundreport_02-ccThe day concluded with a presentation by two members of the Congregational Fund Committee.  Sister Marie So-Wha, from the Incheon Province, and Sister Marina, from the Patna Province, shared with the Chapter the projects that have been funded by the Congregational Fund since 2014.

All three presentations can be found in the reserved section of SND1.

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