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Coesfeld has a new provincial government!

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The change of the Coesfeld provincial government took place in Kloster Annenthal on Saturday, 18 March 2017, when Sister Josefa Maria Bergmann and the new council were installed. As part of the festivities, the sisters recalled some of the most significant events during of Sister Maria Anneliese Stelzmann’s nine years in office: first, the merging of the three former German provinces into one, with headquarters in Coesfeld; then the integration of the houses in England and Italy into the province of Coesfeld; and finally, the transfer of several important institutions to another trusteeship. With much patience and negotiation skill, Sister Maria Anneliese and her team achieved good solutions in delicate situations. We expressed our gratitude in a festive evening prayer and in the ceremony that followed. About 150 sisters from all parts of the province participated, including sisters from England and Italy.

In a humorous way and by means of some carefully chosen symbols, Sister Maria Elisabeth Siegbert gave Sister Maria Anneliese some advice regarding her initial time without any leadership concerns. As a visible sign of handing over the responsibility to Sister Josefa Maria Bergmann, Sister Maria Anneliese offered her a list of the names of all the sisters in the province. Sister Maria Margret Koch thanked the sisters of the outgoing provincial council: Sisters Maria Elisabeth Siegbert, Maria Birgit Westermann, Lucia Maria Bergrath, and Josefa Maria Bergmann, as well as Sister Maria Christina, secretary, and Sister Andrea Maria, treasurer.

Sr.Maria Margret had some words of encouragement for the members of the new provincial council: Sr. Maria Regina Pelzel, Sr. Maria Hadwigis Vrenegor, Sr. Birgitt Maria Adelfang, Sr. Maria Paula Wessel. Finally, the sisters sang a song of blessing.

The news that Sister Maria Christina and Sister Andrea Maria were ready to continue serving the province as secretary and treasurer for another three years was acknowledged with long applause. In the conversations during the following coffee, it became obvious that members of the Coesfeld province look to the future with confidence.

The old and the new provincial governments and administrations

and – of course – some more pictures…

Report: Sr.M.Margareta Mecking, Sr.M.Elke Baumann (abbreviated)

Photos: Sr.M.Hermengard Willemsen

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