Sisters of Notre Dame…Missioned to Incarnate the Love of our good and provident God

How to use the SND Webmail

This is for SNDs only.

If you (only for the members of Sisters of Notre Dame) don’t know your username, please contact the secretary of your province/delegation.

(If you directly contact me, sometimes it is difficult to identify SNDs. The secreraries will contact me later, if they need my assistance)


Step One: Activate your gmail account (if you never used account before; if you already has you account, then directly go to Step 2)

 * You only have to do this step once. 

  1. Open any web browser you use (explorer 9, explorer 10, chrome, firefox and safari, etc)

( if you have window XP and explorer 8, then you need to download chrome. Please contact me or IT person in your unit.)

  1. Type into the address bar.

                TYPE copy

  1. Type your username and the default password. If you don’t know, please contact the provincial/delegation secretary or IT person in your unit.


  1. Then you will see the welcoming page.


  1. Scroll down and type the characters. Then click “Accept” below.

webtuto-07 copy02

  1. Type the default password (you can get this from the secretary  of your unit) and then change to one your choice. Please write this down. But if you forget it, contact your secretary or IT person.


  1. You will see your new gmail account.


You don’t have to do Step One again. Once it’s activated, it’s done.

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