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Gmail-Drag and Drop Labels

Use Drag-and-Drop to Move Messages in Gmail

To move an email to a label (removing the message from the current view, except from All Mail) in Gmail:

  • Click the handle (a double, dotted, vertical line) just in front of the message you want to move.
  • To move multiple messages, make sure they are all checked, then grab any selected message’s handle.
  • Hold the mouse button while dragging the message to the desired label.
  • If the label to which you want to move is not visible, point to the more link below the label list until all labels appear.
  • Release the mouse button.

By dragging and dropping, you can:

  • Mark as spam: drag to the Spam label.
  • Archive: drag to the All Mail label.
  • Delete: drag to the Trash label.
  • Star: drag to the Starred label (keeping in mind this will remove the message from the current view).

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