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Bishop Deogratias Byabazairwe passed away, Hoima, Uganda

Uganda01In early February, 2014, our Bishop of Hoima, Bishop Deogratias Byabazairwe, passed away.  He was one of the leaders of the Church that truly lived the call of being a shepherd to his people. He truly was a beloved man and people came from miles away to attend his funeral.

Bishop Deogratias was born into an affluent family of fourteen brothers and sisters and at an early age decided to dedicate himself to the Lord’s service and become a priest.  Throughout his ministry he always had a keen eye and an open heart for the poor and the less fortunate.  It is said that during his service as a bishop (he was ordained in 1990) that he sponsored at least 300 students with school fees.  Many of these students became priests and sisters while others became successful business men and women.  He encouraged several of the Ugandan young sisters to join the Sisters of Notre Dame.  By the end of his life, he had given away all of his personal property to assist those that were in need.  He lived and breathed a simple life style.  He shall be missed by all!

Bishop Deogratias was also responsible for inviting us, the Sisters of Notre Dame, to come to Buseesa and establish a school for the area known as the “lost counties” of Uganda.  He believed that the best way to help the people was through education.  Since the beginnings in 1995 the congregation has established a primary and secondary school, two nursery schools, a formation house, and a farm.  Bishop Deogratias had the vision and foresight to begin all of this. We know that we have a heavenly intercessor in the form of Bishop Deogratias who will continue to intercede for his students at St. Julie and Notre Dame Academy.


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