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The world in one voice for World Youth Day

The anthem of the World Youth Day was officially launched in September 2012 in Brazil and most of the youth in Rio already know it by heart and love singing the song that is played as jazz, rock and even samba.

Motivated by the motto “Go and make disciples of all peoples“, the international delegation caught the Brazilian enthusiastic mood and made several versions for the official WYD Hymn  and recorded in their local languages with the pictures of Rio in the background. Amazingly, we can listen to the anthem in Portuguese from Portugal, Spanish, German, Italian, English, Korean and other languages. You can check out the language of your own watching the variety of video clips down here.

You are invited to take part in the excitement of seeing one of the largest events of the Catholic Church approaching. It will be a wonderful opportunity of  witnessing the unity of all nations through the energy, joy and strength of our youth!

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