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Sports Day at Notre Dame School, Kiomboi, Tanzania

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July 1st 2022 was an exciting day for the students and staff of Notre Dame School in Kiomboi, Tanzania. There were inter-house competitions which were embraced with a lot of enthusiasm by the students. The students in the school were divided into four houses and named Bakhita, Julie, Nyerere, and Maria Regina.

The Secretary of the School was the chief guest of the day. The day of sports started at 9:00 A.M. with students marching in the playground in colorful uniforms of green, blue, red, and yellow depending on the house they belonged to. After the march, the chief guest declared the sports day open.

The competitions began with a hundred metes’ race, followed by relay races, volleyball, and finally crowning the Sports Day was the football match between Bakhita and Julie houses.  The rest of the students in the school cheered for the participants.

When all of the events were over, Sister Mary Emma Cindy, the head teacher of the school, expressed her appreciation for the active participation of each student and the good cooperation among the teachers. She then invited the chief guest to address the students. This was followed by distributing the prizes to the winners of different events; Bakhita was the overall winning house in the school. The Chief guest made a short speech congratulating the prize-winners and spoke about the importance of participating in sports while encouraging the students to remain focused on their studies. Refreshments followed and all left Sports Day 2022 very happy!

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