Sisters of Notre Dame…Missioned to Incarnate the Love of our good and provident God

First Teachers’ Day Celebration, Odisha, India

Odisha_3The sun glows for a day, a candle glows may be for an hour. But a teacher grows and glows forever.”

5th September is a great day for students in India, a day to remember and honor and give thanks to God for all the ways teachers have touched the lives of students, opened their minds and hearts and eyes, given wings to their dreams.

Today we, the Sisters of Notre Dame in Odisha namely Sisters Mary Navya, Daisy and Christina Kiran, are exceedingly grateful to our good God for making us instruments to touch many students in our school, who are the first generation to go to school, through our life here in the new mission.

The students had prepared a short and lovely program with the guidance of the Sisters. All of them did very well, all spoke in English fluently though they their talk different dialects at home. It was a great joy for us to watch and listen to the Rhymes which they had learned by heart. We really admired the potentials in each student.

The sisters and teachers had made extra effort to form these little ones and bring out the hidden treasures in them. Towards the end of the program each child brought flowers to wish their teachers. They were all bubbling with joy and excitement.

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