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Sister Maria Clarena

ClarenaSister Maria Clarena           ND 4803            ⇒ PDF Download
Gertruda Maria Heldens

Regina Virginum Delegation, Tegelen The Netherlands

Date and place of Birth:               June 03, 1931              Heerlen, The Netherlands
Date and place of Profession:    August 10, 1954          Tegelen, The Netherlands
Date and place of Death:            September 03, 2014   Tegelen, The Netherlands
Date and place of Funeral:         September 09, 2014   Tegelen, The Netherlands

Toute à Jésus par Marie!

At the age of three years, Sister Maria Clarena lost her mother, and her father was left behind with three young children. After some time he remarried and two more girls were added to the family. Sister Maria Clarena truly loved the family she grew up in.

She spent her youth in Molenberg, a quarter of Heerlen, where she attended the primary school and the School for Home Sciences. Later she became a teacher.

In August 1952, she became a novice of the Sisters of Notre Dame in Tegelen, and as a young sister, she taught in Hoensbroek and Amstelveen. She was a real support to her students. In the following years she was asked to go to Indonesia. She spent a few years as a missionary there in service. After her return she worked as a seamstress, as a secretary and she accompanied sisters to the hospital.

In the last years of her life, however, it became obvious that she was facing physical limitations. No longer always able to think clearly, she suffered a lot of pain. The vital spirit with which she had provided encouragement and help for many others during her religious life waned. It was difficult for her and those close to her to undergo this process of decline and to let go.

Sister had a joyful character. She brought the joy of life to many others. After a long period of sickness, Sister Maria Clarena was quietly taken into the eternal light in the evening of Wednesday, September 3rd. She had a great devotion to Our Lady, and she remained faithful to the inscription in the ring she received during her profession: “Toute à Jésus par Marie!”.

May she rest in peace.

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