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Our Mission in Mozambique

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[divider /]At the request of Bishop Francisco Silota, four Brazilian Sisters of Notre Dame came to Mozambique as Missionaries in 1993. This was in order to train leaders for Evangelization and health care. At the beginning they resided in Marera. After some time, more sisters arrived and we could establish two local communities.

The process of formation was started and with joy we have two temporary professed sisters today as well as candidates and aspirants in Chimoio, Mozambique, and three young women who are following the program for postulants in Tanzania.

The community “Mai a Murungu” (Mother of God) at Jécua is home for six sisters, and their ministries include the following:

  • “Cristo Rei”, a home (boarding school) for girls begun the year 2000, educating and preparing young women for their mission to be good mothers and active and responsible citizens;
  • Since 2012 our sisters minister as principals, administrators and teachers in a community high school, at the request of the Diocesan Bishop;
  • Heath care, visiting people in the villages, parishes and the community in general, through natural medicine;
  • Different kinds of pastoral work in two parishes and in several communities in the Diocese;
  • Training of diocesan seminarians where the sisters teach several subjects;

The Community “Juria Munatswi” in Chimoio was founded in 2001 with the purpose to train the future sisters of Mozambique. At the moment they have the following ministry:

  • Training of aspirants and candidates, preparing them for their postulancy and novitiate in Tanzania
  • Ministry in several kinds of pastoral work at the parish and community
  • Pastoral ministry at the secretary in the Diocese

In 2010 a great dream of a Notre Dame School in Mozambique became a reality. It began with a pre-school and now, in 2013, there are two groups of the first class at the elementary school.

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