Sisters of Notre Dame…Missioned to Incarnate the Love of our good and provident God

Osotwa Community, Simanjiro, Tanzania

Tanzania_01_w300It has been a wonderful time and a learning period for us since we started our community experience here in our Osotwa community. We have gained new insights and witnessed the love and commitment in everything especially in the mission entrusted to our Sisters.  With awareness, we were able to differentiate life in our local community and our formation community.   It was a challenge to deal with small children due to the language barrier, but we were always given help.  The hard work and cooperation of each Sister made us to feel at home in community and put all our efforts to work.

We have also experienced the joy of being with women’s groups, teaching them how to write their names and helping them to improve their ways of living.  What touched us and challenged us most is how the people have put their trust in God, though they don’t have the Eucharistic celebration for long periods of time because their place of worship is not yet completed.

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