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On May 2, 2014, we scheduled a retreat for all those who are involved in the Notre Dame School “Mwana Une Rukariro”in Chimoio, Mozambique, Africa, including drivers and assistants with school transportation. We were 29 people altogether.

The day began with a morning retreat in Marera at the Multipurpose Center of the Diocese of Chimoio, 20 km away from Chimoio City, and we gathered under the mango trees. The theme of the retreat was: Stay with us Lord! The text of Emmaus (Lk 24.13-35) provided great enlightenment.

Initially, one group made a drama of the text and then a discussion followed, led by Sister Maria Nilse Eidt. Time for silence and individual served to reflect on what is challenging and what gives us hope in education.

Then we shared and in a plenary session and reflected on what helps us live head-on in education. We concluded with a moment of prayer. After that we enjoyed snacks prepared by Sister Maria Elena Brock. After lunch, Sister Maria Lavenesse coordinated a time of recreation.

Then Sister Maria Imelda Hübner offered a reflection on Saint Julie and Education.

Anticipating the day of Notre Dame Educators, May 13, we honored all Notre Dame Educators, with a small cake and raffle prizes.

For the vast majority of teachers and helpers in Mozambique, this was their first retreat.

“Oh! How good is the good God!” (Saint Julie)
“Education among the divine works is the most divine.” (Saint Julie)




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