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Notre Dame Presence Among the Rabhas at Gaonchulka, India

Notre Dame Presence Among the Rabhas at Gaonchulka, Assam, India


In January 2013, another branch sprouted on the Notre Dame Tree when the Sisters of the Assumption Province, Patna, India, opened a new affiliation in the village of Gaonchulka, under the jurisdiction of Bongaigaon Diocese, in the State of Assam. Two Sisters were assigned to this new community in January 2013 and after six months, one more Sister joined the group.

India_Assam_Gronchuka_01_w600In this new mission, we come in contact with three ethnic groups namely, the Rabhas, the Bodos and the Santhals. The Rabahs and the Bodos belong to the Mongolean race while the Santhals are migrants from Central India. At Gaonchulka, the mission will primarily focus on education and development of the Rabha tribe as they are one of the most vulnerable tribes in this region even today.

The people are very hospitable, loving and caring towards the Sisters. They often share with them their rice, vegetables, fruits, fish and crab.  The mission is new and challenging but the simplicity, warmth and openness of the people encourage the Sisters to be messengers of God’s goodness and provident care among His chosen people.

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