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A Letter from the Newly Final Professed Sisters in Africa

It is hard to believe that our tertianship programme is over. We thank God for His faithful companionship and the prayerful support of each of you dear sisters. All the courses that we have gone through have been so enriching and inspiring. We have been encouraged, enlightened and challenged by the intensive study of the scripture and our Constitutions. The courses on self-awareness and community life have challenged us for a better and balanced living. We were blessed to have a deep study of Mary’s role in the salvation history and the women in the Bible. The course on “prophets and their mission” deepened our call as women disciples in our modern church.
During the courses, we had chances to share our faith experiences, vocation stories and our shadows with one another. This promoted a lot of understanding, love and support towards each other. The course on “scripture for awareness and transformation” was a good review of all the inputs we have received, a strengthening element for our call and a good preparation for our retreat.  We were privileged to go through Matthew’s gospel word by word and reflect about our call to radical discipleship. As we entered into a sacred moment, our one-month retreat, we were deeply aware how generously God has blessed us with moments of renewal, reconciliation, personal self-searching and faith deepening experiences and we are grateful.

Dear sisters, please keep us in your daily prayers so that we may remain receptive to God’s love and the anointing of the Holy Spirit and thereafter say “YES FOREVER” to the ever-new call of God. We remembered each of you by name during our retreat. We are deeply grateful to Sr. Mary Vijaya for the meticulous planning of our tertiate programme and all our sisters in the Province and Delegation for your prayerful support.

Sister Mary Suja has been taking “Centrality of the Eucharist” for the past three days a topic that culminated and gave a strong foundation to all that we have been learning in the past months. During the coming days we will be busy preparing for the big day of our companions. We are already part of the choir and the singing is wonderful with Hindi and Sadiri songs. In two  weeks time we shall see you all. We are missing all of you very much and continue to pray for you in a special way.  With much love, Sisters Mary Christine, Pascalia, Magdalene and Elizabeth.

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