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Engineers Without Borders Visit Mission in Buseesa, Uganda


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God is so good–always and everywhere, but especially to the St. Julie Mission in Uganda.  Throughout almost twenty years of the mission’s existence, generous volunteers and benefactors have offered their time, talent, treasures, and prayers for its growth and development.  Most recently the Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Cincinnati Chapter pledged five years to help the Busessa community develop two desperately needed resources: water and energy.  Financial support for the proect is provided by St. Agnes Parish, Park Hills, KY, where SNDs still maintain a presence.

Erin Cummings, a graduate of NDA in Covington and a working engineer, linked the sisters with EWB.  Together they developed a proposal to provide clean water to the village and tree-saving biogas to the local schools.  Once the National EWB Board accepted the proposal, five seasoned engineers traveled to Uganda in June 2013.  They spent two weeks making connections and scoping out the parameters of the project.  In April 2014 four engineers, two from the original group and two new ones, took the next steps forward at the mission.  A third group will return in the fall of 2014 to begin implementing the necessary building projects for water and gas. It is thrilling to see the personal commitment of so many and to experience how much can be accomplished when good people network, reaching beyond themselves out of love for God’s poor ones.


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