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Covington Volunteers in Uganda


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Between November 30-December 10, 2015, a volunteer group from the Covington Province performed maintenance work at the mission in Buseesa, Uganda .

The maintenance group was comprised of:

Sr. Mary Rita Geoppinger
Mekenzie Elbert (arrived in August to substitute teach at the mission)
Fr. Joseph Gallenstein
Tom Holtz
Beau McElfresh
Jodee McElfresh
Rob Montgomery
Bob Simon
Doug Simon
Donnie Young

The group replaced hundreds of rotted screens, installed four new doorways in dormitories, fixed the base of a water tank, patched and painted water-damaged ceilings, and installed new lights in the assembly hall.

The immediate impact of the maintenance group’s work is safer and easier day- to-day living at the mission. The screening will keep out unwanted mosquitoes, which can transmit malaria. The new doorways will allow for quicker exits in the event of an emergency. The water tank repairs will prevent the loss of water collected during the rainy season, making certain every bit lasts through the dry months. The patched ceilings will prevent deterioration, and the new lights will brighten the hall.

The maintenance group’s long-term impact, however, reaches far beyond daily ins-and-outs. Their time and labor ensure that the twenty-year mission continues, that the sisters can remain focused on teaching and social outreach, and that hundreds of children from the rural bush area of Uganda are provided a Catholic education that is truly transformative and empowering.

To view photos from the maintenance trip, click here .


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