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Why JPIC and UN/NGO?

doveWhy JPIC and UN/NGO? *

“We develop awareness of and a sensitivity to issues of justice, peace and the integrity of creation.  Sisters are encouraged to be active regarding these concerns both personally and communally.”   (Constitutions Directive 30.1)

In the 2010 General Chapter meeting in Rome, Italy, serious consideration was given to the problems of inequality of living for many persons. Studying these issues was crucial to planning future strategies whereby we, as Sisters of Notre Dame, can be an active catalyst for change.

In part, our Chapter Declarations state that we will:

Develop a structure to coordinate a global voice promoting justice, peace and the integrity of creation, networking with other congregations, entities and UN-NGOs.

At the provincial, delegation, and mission level:

  • Identify a JPIC contact sister in each province, delegation and mission to coordinate efforts which will make it possible for us to work with JPIC issues.

At the congregational level:

  • Identify and appoint a qualified full-time congregational JPIC Coordinator.
  • The JPIC Coordinator’s role will include finding ways to affirm local JPIC works and projects, help sisters connect these, and see the connection across a broader congregational spectrum.

Commit to a congregation-wide focus on:

  • Women, Children and Elderly Persons
  • Immigration and Human Trafficking
  • Integrity of Creation.

* JPIC: Justice, Peace, and the Integrity of Creation
* UN/NGO: United Nations/Non-Governmental Organization

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