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Soliday Youth visits APAE students in Carazinho, Passo Fund, Brazil


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A Group of students, “Soliday Youth”, visited APAE under the guide of Sister Angela Maria Thums who is a pastoral coordinator in School. In the afternoon, they had several sports activities, listened to stories and did painting.

During this time, the students spoke with each other, listened to each other’s life stories, and learned some lessons from the examples of other’s lives.

Our students also learned to assist the students who need special care, such as with walking up and down, playing ball, sharing their stories, etc. This is important for both of them.

Besides this visit, they did many other things and these experiences made them realize that considering other people goes beyound material things. They wanted to give others joy, shared attention and dedication. This group, “Soliday Youth”, promotes meetings, reflections, sports activities, solidarity actions and volunteering. In the school, Colégio Notre Dame Aparecida, they have four focus areas of action: music, social needs, awareness and integration.

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