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JPIC Update


The following documents are available in the JPIC Reserved section of

  • Charism Eyeglasses image
  • JPIC Road image
  • JPIC in our Constitutions
  • JPIC Structure and Plan, Parts One and Two
  • Themes of Catholic Social Teaching (English, Indonesian only)
  • JPIC Highlighted text of General Chapter Documents, 2010
  • 2008 Educational Vision Statement with highlighted Social Teaching of the Church (STC)
  • Social Ministry Booklet, 2009 highlighted with STC
  • 2012 HCC Statement with highlighted STC
  • JPIC Formation Itinerary (English, German, Korean, Portuguese)
  • 2010 General Chapter Focus Areas:  Women, Children, Elderly Persons, Immigration, Human Trafficking, Integrity of Creation
  • Charism Paper

There are several JPIC resources in the SND Resources section of

  • A See, Judge, Act Reflection on THE IMPACTS OF MINING (By the Integrity of Creation Working Group, JPIC Commission, USG-UISG)
  • JPIC Formation for Language Students
  • Social Teaching of the Church
  • Part One: See Judge Act
  • Part Two: Pastoral Circle or Cycle, especially Social Analysis
  • Part Three: Pastoral Circle, especially Theological Reflection

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