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Zinduka Womens’ Day 2023, Tanzania, East Africa

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Notre Dame Zinduka Women’s Center in Tanzania was established in 2004 by the Sisters of Notre Dame.
2023 marks the 19th anniversary of the opening of the Women’s Center.
The celebration of this anniversary was held on the 11th of March with the theme, “Promoting Gender Balance.”

The women’s groups marched to the Notre Dame School Hall across the road from the center to begin their celebration. The celebration was officially opened by the Notre Dame Secondary School Girl Guides who led the National Anthem. This was followed by a prayer song by the Zinduka tailoring Students. Sister Mary Christine, Holy Spirit General Delegation Superior, was the chief guest for this celebration.

The Notre Dame Sisters from Zinduka and the Njiro community also came to take part in this day of celebration. The Novices and Candidates of the Sisters of Notre Dame were present for the function, and the village chairperson represented the government.

The tailoring students and the Novices provided the entertainment part of the program. The women were so impressed with the many presentations of songs and dances.

On the same day, the Zinduka Women showed appreciation for Sister Mary Kellen who has worked with them for many years and now is transferred to another community in the Delegation. Sister Mary Susan is the new director of Zinduka Women’s Center and Sister Mary Juliet Karungi is her assistant.

In most parts of East Africa, there is no celebration that ends without a cake. So, the women cut the cake and shared it with all who had come for the celebration. This was followed by a delicious meal with soft drinks.

An African proverb “If you want to walk fast, walk alone but if you want to go far, walk together-is the experience of the sisters who have worked with the women at the Zinduka Women’s Center. Working together lives are transformed for the better through the programs the center provides.

By Sister Mary Juliet Karungi, SND

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