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Vocation Promotion in the World Youth Day


– A view of the vocational booth and the interaction of our sisters with the youth visiting the booth.

The organizing committee of World Youth Day (WYD) which is being held July 23-28, 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil provided the opportunity to Religious Congregations to set up an exhibit of vocation materials during the WYD activities. One of the criteria for participating in this event was that the religious congregation has to be an international organization. More than 100 congregations requested to participate in this Vocation Fair, our Sisters of Notre Dame congregation being one of them. Our SND vocation booth in the WYD Vocation Village is a great opportunity to share about our charism, mission, and ministries throughout our 19 countries.

Special materials were printed for the occasion in three languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish. One of vocation promotion materials that are being distributed at the booth is folders that have the website, email, and mailing address of all the Vocation Directors in our Provinces. The four US Provinces printed and shipped eye catching vocation cards in English that are also being distributed at the booth.

The following pictures intend to give you a glimpse of what the Vocation Village looks like:


– Sr. M. Lenice Rebelato (vocation director for Passo Fundo Province) giving information to a young woman about ND congregation and handing out vocational materials.


 – Sr. M. Cleomar helping with translation into English interacting with a youth group from another country.


– Sr.  Shirle M. da Silva (postulant director for Canoas Province) sharing about the goodness of God with enthusiastic WYD participants.


 – View of a portion of the vocational exhibition set up around a lake.


– Sr. M. Hedwig Klein helping with translation into English and German shares her enthusiasm of being a Sister of Notre Dame with the young people.

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