Sisters of Notre Dame…Missioned to Incarnate the Love of our good and provident God

Unforgettable Time of Our Indian Pilgrims, Coesfeld, Germany

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In the evening of April 19, 2022, seven sisters from India, six from Patna and one from Bangalore, safely landed on German soil.

This pilgrim group was the group of firsts in many ways. They were the first who stayed in Coesfeld during the entire pilgrimage in Germany; the first who lodged in Emmaus House Guesthouse instead of at Kloster Annenthal, enjoying the program they prepared for us, as well as spending more time with the Emmaus community; the first to experience the Coesfeld Cross in St. James Church instead of in St. Lamberti Church; the first to visit Mülhausen and Vechta just for a day; and perhaps also the first to make a congregational pilgrimage in the year of General Chapter.

Whether they were aware of all these firsts or not, they thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this once-in-a-lifetime journey making this special opportunity even more special. With particular interest in the connection between the places they visited and our history, they were always very attentive to the guide’s explanations, made comments, and asked questions. This group was also marked by maximizing their time of being together as a prayerful time. They took the opportunity to share a snippet of their own culture by wearing the Sari and sharing as much information about India as possible.

Finding it hard to leave the country of our origin and the sisters here with whom they had already formed a strong bond after 9 days, still with great excitement for the coming days, they went on to the next leg of the pilgrimage to the heart of the universal Church.

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