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Trip to Castel Gandolfo, Anzio and Nettuno

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[divider /]On November 30, the Formation Conference participants enjoyed their free day by taking a trip to Nettuno. The group left early on Saturday morning boarding a bus that took them to Castel Gandolfo where the Pope has a summer palace near a volcanic crater lake Albano. After spending sometime there the group proceeded to Anzio where they visited the first church dedicated to Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus. In this church the Sisters were privileged to pray at the crucifix which Saint Theresa kissed many times and covered with rose petals. From the church they could see the beach of Anzio. The group then visited the Basilica of “Santa Maria delle Grazie” where Maria Goretti’s body is kept in a crypt.  They also went to the home of St. Maria Goretti. Later, the Sisters were free to spend some peaceful time at the beach of Nettuno. They visited the 77 acre Sicily-Rome American Cemetery dedicated to American soldiers who gave their life during World War II. The Sisters were blessed with wonderful weather.

On December 1, the Conference participants began another phase of the Spirituality Renewal.  During this phase of the renewal the focus is living out our God experiences in Notre Dame.  During the next few days, the following themes will be presented: the vows, characteristics of SND spirituality, mission and the cross as transformational.

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