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The Ruby Jubilee of Budi Rahayu Hospital, Pekalongan, Indonesia


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On May 15, 2015, Budi Rahayu General Hospital celebrated its fortieth year of serving people of Pekalongan and the surroundings. In the year leading up to the celebration, the committee conducted three activities to celebrate the jubilee. Those were: social activities, science activities and fun activities.

The social activities included free of charge medical services of Pap Tests for women who needed it. The second activity was a volunteer service to help the victims of a land. They sent 2 doctors, 6 nurses, 2 pharmacists, 2 sisters and 5 assistants. The third activity was the opportunity to donate blood. They also went to a village to offer free medical examinations and medicine for the poor.

The science activities included the following: a workshop on neonatal resuscitation in which 38 people from 18 hospitals participated, as well as a symposium and workshop on the danger of urinary tract infections.

Last but not least, there were also fund activities. They included various competitions such as volley ball, badminton, and rope pull. There were also vocal group competitions and the story of Budi Rahayu hospital contest.   

The peak of the celebration was a thanksgiving Eucharistic Celebration on May 15, 2015, which was held in the provincial house chapel. The Holy Mass was celebrated by the parish priest and three other celebrants. It was followed by a reception in the aula.

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