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The photovoltaic system in the Motherhouse

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The next time any of you visit us in Rome you will notice a new look.  A photovoltaic system (solar panels) was installed in Motherhouse on March 31, 2021 by RESIT SRL Company. The Director of the Project was Signor Alessandro Rocca. Fortunately, our Motherhouse roof has wonderful sun exposure facing south and is able to capture a maximum of sunlight each day.  We were also able to benefit from a government rebate program, and so we paid only 50% of what it would have cost us to do the project otherwise.  With time we hope to make other changes to our Motherhouse building to make it more energy and cost effective.

The benefits of solar photovoltaic panels are:
1. In accordance with our JPIC theme, we are respecting the environment by eliminating pollution and preserving earth’s resources with a system that has a net zero carbon emission.
2. The maintenance costs are low with 20-25 years of warranty for the solar panels.
3. The most important benefit is that solar energy is available every day and there is no way that we will ever run out of it.

The installation of the photovoltaic system which was placed on the tiles of our pitched roof, gives us a power supply of about 20 kW per hour. This will reduce our current consumption of electricity, leading to a low utility bill each month. The benefit is that it is clean, environmentally friendly, and a wise investment for the years to come. So far we are very pleased with how the system is working. The accompanying photos were taken by the RESIT Company through the use of a drone.

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