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The Opening of the 2014 General Conference, Canoas, Brazil


On October 1, Foundation Day, the 2014 General Conference officially opened.  The 26 sister participants had gathered earlier at Sitio Notre Dame, the retreat center of the Canoas Province where the Conference will be held.

20141001_Canoas_Maria-Auxiliadora-School_44_w400Early on October 1 the Conference participants traveled to the Canoas provincial center about 50 minutes away and were greeted by the students and teachers of Maria Auxiliadora School.  The students and staff presented information on the school’s programs and provided snacks for us before leading us to the chapel. We made our way to the provincial center where a reception line of sisters from the Canoas and Passo Fundo provinces greeted us.

The opening mass was celebrated by Auxiliary Bishop Agenor Girardi. The Bishop promised us the prayerful support of the whole archdiocese of Porto Alegre.

The celebration of the Mass and following dinner was shared by the Conference members and the sisters from both Canoas and Passo Fundo.

We returned to Sitio Notre Dame where we celebrated Foundation Day with a specially prepared cake.  Sister Mary Kristin gave the opening address at 4:00 p.m. that introduced the theme of the Conference, “Encountering the Word, Engaging the World.”

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