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The Motherhouse Thanks Sister Gina Marie, Rome, Italy

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On Monday, May 29, the Motherhouse community celebrated the gift Sister Gina Marie Blunck has been to our community here as well as to the Congregation.

Sister arrived in Rome from the Thousand Oaks province, California, fifteen years ago, serving as director for Villa Maria Regina for three years and Treasurer General for twelve. During her tenure, Sister oversaw many changes in the Motherhouse and its property and exercised wise stewardship of the Congregation’s resources.

Now Sister Gina Marie has handed over her responsibilities to Sister Marina from the Patna province who has had substantial experience in finance. Sister Marina has also been acquiring knowledge on our financial systems under the guidance of Sister Gina Marie for the past nine months.

On May 31, Sister Gina Marie returned to California where she will be Executive Director of the Conrad N. Hilton Fund for Sisters. She will be greatly missed!

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