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The General Council Meets with Father Carlos Palacio, S.J.


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From November 23 to December 1, 2015, Sister Mary Kristin and the General Council met with Father Carlos Palacio, S.J. to study some of the major theological themes in our Constitutions.  Father Palacio is a Jesuit from Brazil.  He has ministered as a professor of theology at the university level for 25 years.  Father is the author of many popular spiritual books and articles in Portuguese.  Recently he completed a six year term as provincial superior of the Rio de Janeiro Province and was instrumental in forming one new province out of the previous six provinces in Brazil.  Father spoke at the General Conference in Canoas in 2014 on the theme, Encountering the Word, Engaging the World.  Sister Maria Adelia Dannus, from the Canoas Province graciously assisted with translation.


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