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The English language students 2018, Motherhouse, Rome

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We are the fifth group of English language students in Rome. We started our English course on February 5 and finished on November 30, 2018. Each of us came from a different country.

Our English course included three parts: from 9:30 to 12:00 am, we had class with Sr.M.Josefa. In the afternoon, we had to study SRA and Rosetta Stone. It helped us to learn how to speak and how to read. In July, we had to give presentations about our countries and at the end of the course, we had to present our favorite places in Rome. Sr.M. Josefa accompanied and taught us very patiently. In class, we never feel bored because our teacher is very creative. Every day we were given homework and at the end of each unit we took vocabulary tests.

Thank you, Sr.M.Josefa, for supporting and accompanying us for ten months. We have been privileged to meet you, a good, kind and patient teacher.

Our companion, Sr.Mary Ann, checked our SRA and Rosetta Stone studies every Friday. Thank you, Sr.Mary Ann; we were always waiting for you on Friday.

The weekends were wonderful because we could go out and visit all the different churches and places in Rome. It has helped us to grow in faith and in our love for God and to be happy Sisters of Notre Dame.
We are grateful for the opportunity to live with Sisters from various countries. The Casa Madre community was very helpful for us to grow in the SND spirit. Thank you, Sisters of the Casa Madre community for your help.

Thank you very much, Sr.Mary Kristin and the assistants general for the opportunity to participate in this English course and to live in Rome. We are happy because now we can speak and understand English.

– The language students 2018

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