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The Congregational Reports and Statistics

October 3, 2016              PDF Download

161003_2_kristin_congreport_01_w740Sister Mary Kristin began the day by giving the Congregational Report.  In the report Sister outlined what the general government has done in the last six years to address the six themes of the 2010 Chapter.  She then summarized the strengths and challenges of the Congregation as she has witnessed them during her visits to the units.  The presentation concluded with four areas that Sister suggested the Chapter consider as we move into the future.

The Congregational statistics followed.  It is important to remember that the statistics were submitted in December 2015 and although they may not represent the current reality they are helpful in reflecting trends.

The Congregational Report and Statistical Report can be found in the reserved section of SND1.

161003_3_ginam_financereport_06w740During the afternoon session, Sister Gina Marie gave the Congregational Financial Report.  Sister reported on the progress that has been made during the past six years in addressing the mandates from the 2010 General Chapter.  Information on the Congregational Fund and Generalate Fund were shared with the capitulars. A more detailed financial report will be presented later in the week.

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