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Teacher Training Program in Patna, India

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The Teacher Training program in Patna began with 11 juniors: five from Visitation Province, five from Assumption province and one from Holy Spirit Delegation on 24 June, 2013 with an opening prayer service. At the end of the Prayer Service, Sr.Mary Beena exhorted the Teacher trainees to make use of all the opportunities to become the best teachers of Notre Dame modeling Sr.Maria Aloysia and Sr.Maria Ignatia. The trainees were also given a short orientation talk by Sr.M. Sujita to set the right tone of the Course as she aptly put it, “A sister of Notre Dame needs to be seen and experienced as a person of God; one who sees and responds to our world with heart and mind of Christ.” From the next day onwards the trainees had their regular classes from Sisters Mary Jyoti, Saina, Sushma, and Lata.  Different Sisters taught different subjects.

Besides the theory classes the trainees were provided opportunities to observe classes in Notre Dame Primary and Montessori sections. Thus they were exposed to a variety of skills and techniques.  They did their practice teaching in Julie School, Notre Dame primary section and in Nava Deepti Academy, a neighboring school.

Besides academic pursuit,  the trainees had ample opportunities to witness competitions  like,  Debate, One Act Plays, street Plays on Social themes, Talent Show, Teachers Day, farewell program, special prayer services, assemblies on Teachers Day, Independence day, Children’s Day, etc. They also had the opportunity to help out in the Fete on December 1st, 2013. On 28 November, they had the opportunity to showcase their talents in the form of Art and Craft Display, Choral recitations, elocutions competitions, Spelling competition, etc. The opening of the Display was done by Sr. Mary Beena.  It was also an occasion when they could exhibit their self- discipline, co-operation, responsibility and creativity. On December 9th the trainees surprised the Sisters with a meaningful prayer service in thanksgiving and appreciation for all that they had received from the Sisters in the provincial house and from the training course. Right after supper, they entertained the community with a well planned variety entertainment programme.

December 12th was a significant day for the trainees. As part of the Graduation Ceremony,  they had a special prayer service with the  theme “ On the Footsteps of the Mast Teacher”. The ceremony consisted of academic procession, lighting of the lamp, welcome and report, Scripture Reading, Quotations from eminent educators of Notre Dame beginning with St.Julie, Teachers’ creed, sharing of their experiences by two trainees and conferring of certificates and address  by Sr.Mary Beena, vote of thanks by one of the trainees, handing of the lighted candles by Sr.Mary Beena and the prayer of blessing. At the conclusion of the prayer service the trainees marched out with the lighted candles in their hands while the community sang the song “Lead us on O, Lord, lead us on…” So here they are ready to be missioned…

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