Sisters of Notre Dame…Missioned to Incarnate the Love of our good and provident God

“St. Julie Path” Inaugurated at the Retreat Center in Passo Fundo

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To mark the 100th Centenary of the Sisters of Notre Dame in Brazil a pathway dedicated to St. Julie Billiart, the Spiritual Mother of the Sisters of Notre Dame was inaugurated at Casa Santa Cruz Retreat Center in Passo Fundo on February 2, 2023.  Religious men and women, civil authorities, relatives and friends of the sisters along with members of the press were present for this ceremony.

The pathway winds through the grounds of the retreat center. It is 1.3 km (0.80 miles) long.  Twenty stations line the pathway and share significant events and turning points in the life of St. Julie. Pilgrims walking the pathway enter into the deep faith of St. Julie and her unwavering belief in God’s goodness and provident care no matter the challenges of life. Personal reflection at each station helps the pilgrim to grow in their own faith.

The faith and love for St. Julie nurtured by the people of Brazil was intensified by the miracle attributed to her, which occurred in 1950 in Campos Novos, Brazil.  This miracle was decisive for the canonization of St. Julie in 1969.

The ‘St Julie Path’ adds to other venues of pilgrimage in Passo Fundo, inviting the faithful to reflection, prayer, and contemplation. Everyone is welcome to walk the pathway, individually or in a group, accompanied by a guide or oriented by a booklet especially designed for the pilgrimage.

We are most grateful to the devoted families and lovers of St. Julie who generously made donations for the stations along the pathway. This beautiful tribute to St. Julie will bring those who walk the pathway closer to her and inspire them to praise our good and provident God like St. Julie did.

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