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Sr.Nicole Marie begins apostolic year, Covington, USA

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During evening prayer on February 21, 2017, the Covington Province celebrated the start of Sr. Nicole Marie Varnerin’s apostolic year. Sr. Nicole, a Notre Dame novice, concluded her canonical year of theological study and will now spend her apostolic year putting what she learned into practice.

From February-May 2017, Sr. Nicole will minister alongside Sisters of Notre Dame at the U.S.-Mexico border. Upon returning to the National Novitiate, located in Covington, KY, Sr. Nicole will process her service in Texas, take retreat, visit family, and resume day-to-day formation service and lessons. In August 2017, Sr. Nicole will begin her second major experience by serving with Sisters of Notre Dame at St. Claire Regional Medical Center in Morehead, KY.

Please pray for Sr. Nicole Marie during her travels, her service, and her continued formation in the SND U.S. National Novitiate. To follow along with her experiences, visit her blog at  

To view photos and video from the sending ceremony, click here: 

Left to right:

Sr. Marjorie Marie Thiel, Sr. Jan Marie Villalobos, Sr. M. Dennise Wagenlander, Sr. Marla Monahan, Jeanne-Marie Tapke (Associate), Sr. Nicole Marie Varnerin, Sr. M. Rose Moser, Sr. M. Joan Terese Niklas.


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