Sisters of Notre Dame…Missioned to Incarnate the Love of our good and provident God

Spiritual Renewal Program, Brazil


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In this month of May 2014, the second Brazilian Spiritual Renewal Program is taking place.

Thirty five Sisters are gathered at Casa Santa Cruz, Passo Fundo, under the guidance of the facilitators Sisters Amélia Maria Weschenfelder, Maria Lourdes Urban, and Terezinha Maria Klein.

The program started with a solemn opening Mass in which Sister Arací Maria Ludwig, provincial superior of the Holy Cross Province, Passo Fundo, was present. During the Eucharistic celebration, the theme that guides the whole Spiritual Renewal Program was presented: Sisters of Notre Dame…Missioned to incarnate the love of our good and provident God.

The scripture passage of the disciples of Emmaus placed the Sisters on their journey towards the process of renewal. Like it happened to the disciples on the way to Emmaus they also desire to have their hearts burning within while our Lord speaks to them.

The Sisters are demonstrating great interest in all the themes presented. They are all delighted with the content and the activities proposed by the facilitators. They are also touched by the fact that this program is part of a project in which the whole international Congregation is participating.

The group is very happy because the whole Congregation is united with them in prayer so that the NEW may become true in each one of them.

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