Sisters of Notre Dame…Missioned to Incarnate the Love of our good and provident God

South Korea, Regina Pacis Province, Entrance Ceremony

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On February 26, three young women entered the Korean Province: two Koreans, Theresa Lee, Ennata Hwang and a Chinese, Maria Lee.

Maria Lee developed her vocation as a Chinese teacher in Bakmun elementary school run by our sisters after learning the Korean language in Korea.

Lee Theresa nurtured her dream of religious vocation particularly through the time period from the 3rd year of elementary to the 2nd year of high school as an altar server and came to know Sisters of Notre Dame when she went to Notre Dame Afterschool Tutoring Class. After the college graduation, she worked as a preschool teacher and deepened her faith by sincerely attending vocation gatherings, Bible reading or prayer meetings. During her high school days, Ennatha Hwang was a steady attendee of Haettaragi Gathering, a vocation gathering for teenage girls and after the graduation of high school, she grew in faith at vocation gathering, Bible reading and prayer meetings.

Common points of these three women are that they had a dream of religious life after the First Communion and sincerely practiced their faith in devoted Catholic families. These gave them a stable, active and faith-filled perspective at this starting point of religious life.

Their cheerful personality led them to make a short film telling their own stories during a gathering, which they then played to the guests of their entrance ceremony. The video also delivers their gratitude, a resolution to live more faithfully and a humble request to pray for them.

The entrance ceremony flowed full of joy. Many young people were present and it was also a chance for them to think about their own vocations. All those who attended the ceremony prayed that love of our Good God may be with these three new comers, just about to begin their religious journey.

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