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SND European Conference meets in Coesfeld, Germany


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From May 27 to 29, fifteen members of European leadership teams met in Coesfeld for conversations about the present realities in their different units and to develop some new perspectives for the future. In attendance were Sr. Mary Kristin, Sr. Maria Alcidia and Sr. Maria Julindis from the general government, Sr. Maria Anneliese Stelzmann, Sr. Maria Elisabeth Siegbert, Sr. Maria Birgit Westermann, Sr. Luzia Maria Bergrath, Sr. Josefa Maria Bergmann and Sr. Andrea Maria Schäfers from the provincial administration of the Coesfeld Province, Sr. Maria Benedetta Gurschler and Sr. Maria Aldegonda Kuhn from the leadership team of the Italian Delegation and Sr. Maria Dominique de Vroedt, Sr. Maria Charitas Lens, Sr. Maria Odilia Leunissen, and Sr. Maria Sylvia van der Aa from the delegation in the Netherlands.

Sister Mary Kristin in her opening talk brought to mind the many seeds that were scattered all around the world by our European sisters and brought our big Congregational tree to flourish.

Now there was time to reflect on what the contribution of our European units is at present and can be in the future. Two resource persons, Ms Wil Bus, the facilitator who accompanied the group during these days, and Prof. Mirjam Wijlens, a canon lawyer, provided very valuable input and guidance and encouraged the sisters to discover their dreams for the future. The days together proved to be very profitable and all enjoyed the hospitality of the sisters in Coesfeld and the beautiful surroundings.

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