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Santa Teresinha School Celebrates 90th Anniversary, Taquara, Brazil

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Ninety years ago, four Sisters of Notre Dame arrived in Taquara to start Santa Teresinha School. At that time, about 50 students were enrolled.  During the first two weeks, the two-classroom school operated at the parish rectory. On April 1st, the school was transferred to its current location, with about 500 students total in morning and afternoon shifts.

Over the nine decades, many changes have been implemented to bring Santa Teresinha to its present status as an institute that sets the standard for the city and the region. It is part of the Notre Dame Net of Education, grounded in the principles of the French pedagogue Saint Julie Billiart and in the tradition of the first German missionary sisters who arrived in Brazil in 1923.

The administrative team and the Sisters of Notre Dame of Santa Teresinha School greet the educational community for the 90th Anniversary of the SND presence in Taquara. They extend their appreciation and gratitude to all who have been and who continue to be engaged to make Santa Teresinha a second home for so many children and adolescents.

Happy Anniversary, Santa Teresinha School!

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