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Renovation of Incheon Regina Pacis Province, South Korea


Incheon Regina Pacis Province, Korea has had the provincial house renovated for the first time since it moved to Gyesan-dong, Incheon. This renovation was for 6 months beginning February 2014.

We were very grateful that the renovation was completed before receiving the new juniors who made their first profession on August 8. This refurbished provincial house was particularly meaningful not merely because the sisters had to embrace several challenges of the construction, but also because they tried to maximize the JPIC spirit by building a geothermal power system as alternative energy and recycling some former materials.

This is the house, renovated with the community’s prayer, from the very beginning, to faithful St. Joseph, a saint of labourers, “Dear St. Joseph, strengthen us in what our hands are doing.”

Thank you for your love and prayers. Please continue to pray that they may live in the house God provided them, by responding to His love.

 20140913_Incheon_Remodeling_01_w400   20140913_Incheon_Remodeling_08_w400 20140913_Incheon_Remodeling_03_w400

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