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Province Reports Continue

October 6, 2016


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The province reports continued today starting with the Covington report given by Sister Mary Ethel, followed by the Toledo report given by Sister Mary Delores and the Kumdi report given by Sister Mary Lilian. At the conclusion of the last of the four U.S. province reports, the four U.S. provincials gave a report called SND-USA that explained the initiatives being taken to bring the four provinces together as one.

The afternoon session began with the Canoas report given by Sister Vania Maria that included information on their mission in Peru. Sister Araci Maria gave the Passo Fundo report that included information on their mission in Mozambique. The afternoon session concluded with the report from the East African Delegation given by Sister Mary Roshini and Sister Mary Elizabeth.

There was a surprise visit by Bishop Vincent, the newly ordained Bishop of the Hoima Diocese in Uganda where our sisters minister. The Bishop is visiting two of the priest from the Hoima diocese ministering in the Munster diocese and came to visit the Kolping Society while in Coesfeld not knowing that our sisters were meeting here. Bishop Vincent was pastor at our mission in Buseesa and knows Sister Mary Bernarde, Sister Mary Kristin and the other sisters who have visited Buseesa in the past.  It was a delightful surprise visit for everyone.

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