Sisters of Notre Dame…Missioned to Incarnate the Love of our good and provident God

Perpetual Profession, Canoas, Brazil

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On January 3, 2016, Our Lady of Aparecida Province celebrated Sister Valdina Maria´s offering of her whole life through religious profession. In the joy of following the light that points to Jesus born in Bethlehem, we witnessed the generous and definitive YES of our Sister who, inspired by the divine light, responded definitely to the call of our good God.

“Becoming a religious is not first and foremost our choice, but a divine choice. It is a response to the call of love, because God says, “You are important to me, I wish you well, I count on you”.

Today, before the assembled community, you generously gave your “definitive yes”, consecrating your life to God. With this gesture, you have committed yourself to live forever in the daily commitment of your strength, the Notre Dame charism and mission. 

Through perpetual profession, you are forever part of the Notre Dame family. Your unconditional “yes” to the call of God makes you an heir to the congregational charism, and committed to making visible in the world the goodness of God and his provident care. Remember that consecrated life needs to be fruitful, to be a sign of life and hope for the Church and for the world.

With the theme: You are the salt of the earth and the light of the world, you seek to respond in a creative way to the call of the Lord. Salt gives flavor to the taste and preserves food. Like salt, we need to give meaning to life, meaning to our existence, fidelity to our commitment, which is only possible in faith. It is in faith that we will be light for the world, sentinels of the kingdom, signs of love of our good and provident God.

Congratulations on your free, prophetic and obedient response to the plan of the Father. May Mary, our mother, be the strength and the model in responding to the daily new call of the Lord.” (Words of our Provincial Superior, Sister Vania Maria Dalla Vecchia).

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