Sisters of Notre Dame…Missioned to Incarnate the Love of our good and provident God

Little Ones study the Gospel as “Small Sowers”, Passo Fundo, Brazil


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During the “Month of the Bible”, which is celebrated in September, junior students at Notre Dame Aparecida School studied the parable of the sower. Besides hearing the story, the children learned the song “The small seed” by Aline Barros, a singer who adapted the story to the language of children.

After reflecting on the parable in the classroom, the children visited other groups of students in the school as well as the administrative staff to sow the word of God, as the text suggests. During these visits, the little students sang the song and with the help of their teachers invited: “Let’s be sewers of God’s Word! What seed do we have to use?”

The answers to this question needed to be written on colored papers in the form of leaves which afterwarda were transformed into flowers by those who attended the presentation.

This same reflective work was suggested to the families of the students, who were invited to present with or without words which “seeds” are used to spread the word of God.

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