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Our Notre Dame Mission is Dynamic – II

Our Notre Dame Mission is Dynamic – II
Holy Cross Province, Passo Fundo, RS, Brazil

“We must always sow the seed in the ground;
 the good God will make it grow when it pleases him.” Julie Billiart, Letter 18

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In 1973, at the invitation of Father Urbano Maldaner, brother of four Sisters of Notre Dame, the Holy Cross Province accepted the educational ministry of the Santos Anjos School, in Nova Boa Vista, RS. Initially, Santos Anjos was a Parish School that later transferred to the Municipal Education System. The Sisters have always excelled in forming the students according to the Notre Dame Educational Principles. Through their dedication and commitment, this school has become one of the outstanding educational institutions in the interior of the state of Rio Grande do Sul.
In addition, the Sisters collaborated harmoniously with the local community, building knowledge and sowing pearls that now are part of the people´s history. The goodness of God and his provident care were the guiding principles of their educational activity: with kindness, but firmness; with simplicity, but dignity; with closeness, but reserve.

After 48 years of the Sisters of Notre Dame ministered in Nova Boa Vista, RS engaging in the academic growth of the students, as well as, promoting the human and Christian formation of generations of children and young people according to the Pedagogy of Saint Julie Billiart and the Notre Dame Educational Principles. However, the time has come to entrust this educational ministry to lay leaders who are prepared to continue to sow the seeds of God’s goodness and provident care.

Therefore, the Holy Cross Province concludes a cycle of its dynamic mission in Nova Boa Vista, and sets out for new challenges. With Saint Julie Billiart, the Sisters go on a new journey, saying: “Oh! How good is the good God”!

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