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Opening the Convent Doors in the Year of Consecrated Life, Incheon, South Korea


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In 2015, during the Year of Consecrated Life, the Incheon diocese offers opportunities to obtain a plenary indulgence for those who make a pilgrimage to holy grounds and convents. The Regina Pacis Province, which belongs to the Incheon diocese, aligning with this event, opens the provincial house chapel to the public every Wednesday, so that people may be able to attend Mass and pray vespers with the sisters.

We welcome people with a small leaflet that introduces the Sisters of Notre Dame and the evening prayer of the day, and we offer hot tea and a smile. On the first day, ten people came to join us for evening prayer and Mass. Their intentions were remembered as well.

One family always came for the last four months, so that we invited them to come to our supper. Then we heard about their deep devotion for plenary indulgence for souls in purgatory. It was a lovely evening of gratitude and blessing where they shared with us another intention in which they made the weekly pilgrimage: for their handicapped son. We are sure that they are still praying for souls from across our country.

The moments in prayers before the Lord in the quiet convent chapel, remembering Jesus, who also sought quiet spaces to pray, will give our visitors the greatest comfort and strength.

This program of opening our convent doors, which started in March 2015, continues until this November.


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