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Online Theology classes, Bangalore, India

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“(Lord) who can know your counsel, unless you give Wisdom and send your Holy Spirit from on high?” (Wis 9:17)

We the Tertians, Sisters Mary Selvi, Lourde Mary, Swarnalata, Premalata, and Triveni from Visitation Province and Sr. Mary Prima from Assumption Province, are having online Theology classes from St Peter’s Pontifical Institute.  The experience of online classes is very exciting and enables us to grasp Divine Truths. On August 8th we started a trial session on the Prophets via the Zoom App and on the 17th also we had a trial session on the Pentateuch.  Prior to the Trial Classes, we had online quizzes on the Holy Bible in the form of objective questions.

The Online Inauguration of the Academic Year of 2020-2021 was held on  August 24th, 2020 at 10:30 am in the .Auditorium of St Peter’s Pontifical Seminary presided over by His Grace Most Rev. Dr. Peter Machado, Archbishop of Bangalore and Chancellor of the Institute. All the students were asked to participate virtually in the Inauguration of New Academic Year. We began our online classes on August 25th which continue until December 10th, 2020 followed by examinations. We are gaining much knowledge through our daily classes. The University has arranged everything systematically so that we can complete all the special credit courses we are taking as tertians.

Online classes are also being conducted for our college students. Attending online classes is a new process of learning for us. Even though it is very tiring, it is very useful as we embark into the world of technology. Through online classes we have learned so many things. In fact, we had our online examinations which were very complicated because all of us are not experts in technology, but we are learning from each other. During this pandemic we have learned many things in diverse ways, moving from the familiar to the unfamiliar and enjoying the process along the way.


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