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Notre Dame way to celebrate Christmas in Brazil

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The whole world celebrates Christmas. In different cultures, religions and creeds, Christmas is a Christian feast which always attracts attention, friendliness and emotion of those who let themselves be touched by the birth of Jesus. In Brazil, the Notre Dame Education, Health Care and Social activities network also has a special way to celebrate the greatest Christian Feast.

In the South of Brazil – Rio Grande do Sul –  the Holy Cross Province with the three Notre Dame Schools, each year promote the largest Christmas celebration of the region. Cantata Natalina is seen by over 40 thousand people each year. Cantata Natalina is performed four times a year, each time engaging 400 singers, 300 students from the schools and 350 adults all committed with the production and theatrical performance, combining songs, spoken texts, acting, and dance. From the windows, bleachers, stages and the street in front of the schools, the students sing the Joy of Living.

In São Paulo, Cantata Natalina also involves the students and the entire educational community. The performance is done at one of the most important sites in Brazilian´s history: The Independence Park.  In Brasília, the capital, Christmas is celebrated through music and choir songs.

The schools in Rio de Janeiro, particularly Notre Dame Ipanema, maintain the tradition of celebrating Christmas with the Auto de Natal performance, engaging around 130 artists. Students and former students through songs and play acting, engage the audience in a time of prayer and contemplation.

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