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Notre Dame Friends in Mozambique

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The Sisters of Notre Dame in Mozambique are spreading the goodness of God in Mozambican soil.
The sisters started with the ‘St. Julie´s group’ in 2012 with 12 young children. In the beginning the objective of this small group was to gather and to prepare them for different presentations in our Notre Dame School. Therefore, now the purpose is different, they gather to deepen the knowledge about Saint Julie´s life, they learn cathecism and different things concerning our society. Moreover they do also visits to families and discuss about Laudato Si. With our hearts full of joy we thank God for His abundant blessing, because the group has increased in number, so now we have 50 children participating.
Now we are working with a new group called ‘Notre Dame Friends’. The purpose of this group is to know more about our Charism, Spirit and the Saint Julie history and to appreciate this important woman we have in our ND history. This is a group for the adults, and the most of the participants are the parents of our students, and our teachers.
These groups are the fruit of 25 years of experience proclaiming God´s Goodness and provident care. We are happy to see now the fruits flourishing. In fact it is a joyful moment and at the same time it´s a blessing to us.
Finally, we thank God for this 25 years in Mozambican soil, that we say: “God is good all the time”.

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