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News from Our Indian Pilgrims

On Tuesday, October 8, 2013, eight of us from India who are taking part in the Congregational Pilgrimage were warmly welcomed by the Motherhouse Community. Almost 2 weeks of our Pilgrimage to the Holy City of Rome are over. Our competent guides were Sister Mary Tripti and Sister Mary Supriya from the Motherhouse.

We, the Pilgrims are filled with gratitude to God and our Congregation for this beautiful opportunity given to us to visit the center of the Church and the Congregation. We experienced the unconditional love of God as we visited the Holy places where St. Peter, Paul and many other saints have lived and witnessed to Jesus Christ. Our visits to different churches and shrines deepened our faith in God and helped us to come closer to Him. Wherever we moved, we prayed for each of you in our Congregation and the special needs of our Provinces. The spirit of Notre Dame was definitely felt in the International Community of our Motherhouse and this was also reflected by the love and concern of our Sisters shown towards us. We are very much enriched and strengthened by these experiences. Keep us in your prayers as we continue our faith journey as pilgrims to the roots of our Congregation in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.


Sister Mary Regina, Sister Mary Bela, Sister Mary Smriti, Sister Mary Anjala,
Sister Mary Alma, Sister Mary Amita, Sister Mary Vidhya

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